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May 03, 2019
DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival

First Art Festival of 2019!

Rain or shine, I will be at the DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival on Saturday, May 18, from 10 to 5 and Sunday, May19, from 10 to 4.  (Let's hope shine - there's been a little to much rain around here lately.)

I will have framed and unframed but mounted prints and a few images printed on canvas.  The series I did over the long, cold winter of 2018/2018 is my new favorite, especially when printed on metallic paper.  

Visit all the talented artists who are part of this festival and then stop by to visit


Mar 15, 2019
A Most Charming Gallery

Morrison, Illinois, has a most unexpectedly-wonderful art gallery.  The loft on Main has 50+ talented artists on exhibit and I am so excited to be accepted as a member of their community.  

Here's a link to their artist list http://www.loft112morrison.org and images of some of the high quality work those artists do.  Stop by their Facebook page The Loft on Main, NFP to see what is happening when you make your next trip to Western Illinois.  You might just be able to fit in a fusion glass workshop


Mar 03, 2019

The Barn Cat

We made it though the "polar vortex," but not without serious effort.  The horses' water tanks were kept open by my genius husband who used his computer guy background to set up a heating system and then monitored it all from his computer.  If we can believe his equipment, the temperature got down to -39 (outrageous!) and stayed below 0 for several days.  No one - horse, goat, dogs, cat, chicken, or human - was focused on much beyond staying warm.  But we all made it through the cold, even the feral barn cat.  

It warmed up enough that I was able to go out and take a few pictures that had been calling to me and to grab a quick iPhone shot of the shy barn cat.  


Jan 26, 2019

As I write this, the temperature has moved up to 1 above zero from 24 below just a few hours ago. The horses are eating hay as fast as they can get it into their mouths and the goats were shivering in spite of their thick coats and cozy barn. It’s cold and I could get more than a little whiney about it.

But I won’t. The sun finally came out. It won't do much to warm things up, but it has made the landscape shimmer and helped the icy fog to lift. The snow and ice on the trees are sparkling and the beauty is calling me to bring the camera out to play. The scene is almost enough to get me outside.